Me and the devil walking side by side again


Björk | Big Time Sensuality
Nothing will ever taste as sweet as you

Strange things happen everytime I land on DC. It sets off my mania to a point of complete loss of self. I don’t exist anymore, jus my brain ticking like a timebomb waiting to explode. I got so MAD last time I was there, I began to jump from my apartment building windows (four meters high). I jumped so many times, I questioned how my chewing worked(?). I couldn’t get things to get faster and higher which send into violent episodes where I’d smash glass, pound on my mother’s boyfriends and friends and not eat for weeks. I dont have memory of this. But my mother was angry, said I’d thrown a piece of glass at her, said I reminded her of her father. I haven’t been in the US since. So if I do seem scared about going back there, maybe I am.


Being called indifferent and mean and rude and violent by multiple people.


I am more agressive than ever

"turn the dark on" devon aoki by mario sorrenti for the face, october 1997

Grateful because I got all my teeth intact


cocos nucifera

Watched Scarface y Cementerio de Elefantes and bad things came back to mind.


shinya tsukamoto “bullet ballet” 1998